Hand Coding Is Important!

Today we came across Practical eCommerce’s Tip of the day:

“Hand coding, while probably not the most popular option out there, is the best way to ensure that your code is clean and compliant. Visual editors tend to make assumptions when they are automatically writing code, which can lead to code bloat (code that is unnecessarily long). For example, Dreamweaver will automatically include extra attributes on some tags, or will insert JavaScript code in order to achieve certain functionality. Even if you use these tools to make developing easier, it’s important to check the code they generate by hand, removing all extra and unnecessary code.” -Brian Getting, Practical eCommerce’s online director.

This is so true to us!

My Graphic Friend has been hand-coding throughout our recent website projects. We’re committed to provide clean codes, and help our clients’ sites to achieve the highest SEO scores possible, such as this one: Another site that we created gets top SEO score!

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