Set up Web Analytics tool for your website.

We’ve been helping our customers to set up Web Analytics on their websites. Web Analytics is a great tool to track and monitor the activities of every individual visitor to your website, web statistics, visitor system information, advertising campaigns, conversion tracking, and graphical statistics. Knowing what your web page statistics are is the key to successful online business.

An Analytics Report on traffic sources to

We are very glad that we have introduced this tool to our customers just in time. So far we’ve set up Web Analytics on 7 different websites. It’s been great! Last week, we came across this article on Practical E-commerce Magazine, titled “Measuring online marketing”:

“Web Analytics is a looking glass into the health and productivity of an online presence. Your online presence includes your website, your advertising, and any blogs, forum posts or web pages that mention you or otherwise link to your site. If your website affects your revenue in any way, then you must use some form of web analytics. Anything else is equivalent to driving blind.

I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of site owners with web analytics and one pattern emerges over and over: Those who invest in web analytics generate more profit and experience faster growth. When properly used, the tools can answer important business questions related to advertising investments, market segmentation and web design.” (Michael Stebbins, CEO of Market Motive)

This is part of My Graphic Friend‘s many efforts to keep up with new web technologies, to anticipate needs not yet articulated by our customers, and introduce new services in order to help them stay ahead in their industry.

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