Pink fence – A case of visual cue

About two blocks from My Graphic Friend‘s office, at the end of the road, there’s a rooming house with its ad “ROOM FOR RENT” printed in bright pink.

What makes us notice is not just the pink ad, but also the fence around the house that has its tips painted in the same color.

What also seems interesting to us is that the owner only painted the tips of the fence in pink, not the whole fence. If he/she really likes pink color, and has chosen it for the ad, for the fence, or some other parts of the house, it would be easy to explain. But in this case, only the ad, and the tips of the fence rounding the house! Nothing else. So we feel almost certain that the owner conciously practiced what is called visual cue in design.

The pink ad alone wouldn’t be able to draw a passerby’s attention as the way the pink fence’s tips lead it to the ad.

This isn’t an amazing case, but it does demonstrate the strength of visual cue. Practice using this conciously in your designs until you feel that you have got this simple principle’s full power.

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