Windows Update bugs – Media Center crash after Service Pack 3 installation failed

When you install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), you may receive one of the following error messages:
Service Pack 3 setup error. Access is denied.
Service Pack 3 setup error. Service Pack installation did not complete.

Or, the Svcpack.log file may contain the following error message:
DoRegistryUpdates failed

After that, Windows Media Center crashed: error message about ehshell.exe

You may receive these error messages if permissions for one or more registry keys are restricted in a way that prevents the update of those registry keys.

Some programs change the system access control lists (SACL) in the Registry so that administrator accounts cannot alter them. The service pack installer runs under the user (admin) account and not under the SYSTEM account. Failure to update a registry key causes the Setup program to fail.


Important: This method is intended for advanced computer users.

1. Download and then install the Subinacl.exe file. To do this, visit the following Microsoft Web site:;=en

2. Start Notepad.

3. Copy and then paste the following text into Notepad:

cd /d “%ProgramFiles%Windows Resource KitsTools”
subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /grant=administrators=f /grant=system=f
subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CURRENT_USER /grant=administrators=f /grant=system=f
subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT /grant=administrators=f /grant=system=f
subinacl /subdirectories %SystemDrive% /grant=administrators=f /grant=system=f
subinacl /subdirectories %windir%*.* /grant=administrators=f /grant=system=f
secedit /configure /cfg %windir%repairsecsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose

4. Save this Notepad file as Reset.cmd.

5. Double-click the Reset.cmd file to run the script.

Note: This script file may take a long time to run. Additionally, you have to run this script as an administrator.

6. Install Windows XP SP3.

7. Install the rest of Windows Update. That’ll fix the problem.

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