Monthly Archives: November 2008

How to manage your router remotely via web?

Question:“How do I remotely manage my D-link router?” Solution:Remote Management allows the device to be configured through the WAN (Wide Area Network) port from the Internet using a web browser. Step 1: Log into the web based configuration of the D-link router by typing in the IP address of the router (default: in your web […]

How to get an HP LaserJet 1018 running on a Mac computer?

Problem: “I have a Macbook Pro and a Windows XP desktop, which hosts the printer. When I try to add the printer on my Macbook, it shows up, but I can’t get the right drivers for the HP 1018.” Cause: There is no driver for HP LaserJet 1018 for Mac. HP simply didn’t create one! (Go […]

Arts 2.0 – Social Media for Artists, Galleries, and Arts Organizations

Here an example of how you can use web 2.0 tools to create a blog post for a gallery: ———————————————————-“Our upcoming show – Leo Dash: Ohio Landscape This limited edition print is one in a carefully edited collection that is available for purchase right on the gallery website. All the works are unframed, and are […]