Arts 2.0 – Social Media for Artists, Galleries, and Arts Organizations

Here an example of how you can use web 2.0 tools to create a blog post for a gallery:
“Our upcoming show – Leo Dash: Ohio Landscape

This limited edition print is one in a carefully edited collection that is available for purchase right on the gallery website. All the works are unframed, and are which make them easy for us to ship free anywhere in the continental US and Canada.

A video interview with Leo Dash: (not a real one, I just get a video from my YouTube account and put it here)


You can share the slide show and the video on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flikr,… and have these linked back to your blog.

1. Start a blog.
2. Post images and slideshows on your blog.
3. Post videos on your blog.
4. Share your blog content on social media websites like Facebook and Myspace.

What you need:
1. A blog account: Blogger, WordPress, Typepad.
2. A photo account:,,,
3. A video account:
4. Social media network accounts: Facebook, MySpace…

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