How to manage your router remotely via web?

“How do I remotely manage my D-link router?”

Remote Management allows the device to be configured through the WAN (Wide Area Network) port from the Internet using a web browser.

Step 1: Log into the web based configuration of the D-link router by typing in the IP address of the router (default: in your web browser. The default username is admin (all lowercase) and the password is blank (nothing).

Step 2: Click the Tools tab and click the Admin button.

Step 3: Select the Enabled button to enable Remote Management. In the IP Address field type in the public IP address you wish to manage the router.

(Note: If you don´t know the IP address or wish to allow more than one IP address to manage the router then put an asterisk (*) in the IP Address field. You cannot enter an IP range.)

Step 4: By default the port used to Remote Manage the router is set to 8080. Change the port number by selecting the down arrow next to the Port Number drop down menu.

Step 5: Click on Apply and then click Continue to save the changes.

Step 6: Check for you public IP address here:

To Remote Manage the router you will need to type in the Public IP Address of the router in your web browser along with the Port Number (separated by a colon) you selected in Step 4. For example: the IP address is you will need to type into the web browser then enter your router’s username and password.

Solution originally posted by danielA at on Feb 16, 2006.

Learn more about how to manage D-link routers here:

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