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Quickbooks 2009 for MAC

Download link:…o_2009__k_.zipThis does NOT have a [k] but rather includes a trial reset so every 15 uses, run the trial reset and you get 15 more uses. Not the best solution but will have to do until a real [k] comes out. All credit goes to the original uploader. Advertisements

Working with Snapz Pro to create a Screen Capture Video with audio

See the full tutorial here:

Screen capture software

Question:What software do you use for screen capture to video? Answer by Macintosh screen capture, we use Amborsia Software’s Snapz Pro.  For Windows screen capture, we use TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio. Note: Snapz Pro X 2.1.2Name: 219519E-Mail: c@surfeu.atSerial: 5H5P-TUAF-4YY2(from

Turn on Vietnamese keyboard in Windows XP and Vista.

Question: “How to turn on Vietnamese language for Windows XP or Vista?” Solution:This solution is for Windows XP. Vista has a simliar process. Step 1: Go to “Control Panel”, run “Regional and Language Options”, click on “Languages” tab, check the first box “Supplemental language support” that says “Install filles for complex script…” It will ask […]

Vietnamese Unikey in OS X Leopard

Question:“How to type Vietnamese characters in OS X Leopard?” Solution:Step1: Go to System Preference. Choose International. Step 2: Go to tab Input Menu, tick on “Vietnamese Keyboard”. Then select the input method you prefer. (I chose VNI) You also want to check on “Show input menu in menu bar” for faster access. Step 3: Done! […]

Adding Network Printers in Windows Vista

Question:“I have two local printers on my Windows XP machine. And I wanted to connect them to my Windows Vista laptop via router network. When I tried to add a network printer through Control Panel of Windows Vista, I got an error message: ” Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer. Access Is Denied” What should […]