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How to watch Youtube videos in high quality on a Blackberry Bold!

Question:When I tried to watch a YouTube video on my Blackberry Bold, it always play in low quality. I tried to log in my YouTube account, but got the Error messages (HTTP Error 404). Is there a way to work around? Answer:Yes, Absolutely! You can play Youtube videos in high quality on your Blackberry phone. […]

Tethering 3G wireless internet from Blackberry Bold to a Macbook Pro via Bluetooth! (on Rogers Wireless)

Steps: Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. On the Blackberry: Set Up Bluetooth–>Select Listen for a device to find me. It should say “Waiting for a connection…” On the Macbook Pro: Run the “Set up Bluetooth Device…” wizard under the Bluetooth icon. On the “Select the services…” dialog, make sure you select “Access the internet […]

Displaying YouTube videos in high quality on WordPress blog!

Question: When I embeded a YouTube video to my blog post, it doesn’t always play in high quality, and I want it to, what should I do? Answer: To play a YouTube video in high-quality you can add &fmt;=18 to the end of the link to the video’s URL. If the video is available at […]

Download Quicktime movie with Firefox!

Question:How to save Quicktime movies from site like Answer:You can use Firefox to download the movie files:1. Open the movie in a Firefox window.2. Select Tools>Page Info.3. Select the Media tab.4. Choose the movie file, and press the Save As button. Original solution posted by peachesNYC, at:

Spector Pro–The Cadillac of Monitoring Software

Written: Feb 20 ’04 (Updated Feb 21 ’04)happy2000usa’s Full Review: Spectorsoft Spector Internet Monitoring Software P… The term “Spyware” has an ugly connotation. It has evolved to mean a piece of code added to your computer that allows person or persons unknown to monitor your use or retrieve confidential data. In fact, there is good […]

Missing codec: .AVI file plays with sound but no image!

Problem:.AVI files play with sound but no image. Cause:Missing codec. Solution: Download and install AVIcodec: This diagnostics utility will display the attributes of / information about a given media file. It is most frequently used to determine what audio and video codecs a media file uses. Open the .AVI file in AVIcodec to find […]

Disable the Avira AntiVir avnotify nag screen and splash screen!

.: Disable the Avira AntiVir avnotify nag screen :. Windows 2000: Click Start, and then click Run In the Open box, type gpedit.msc, and then click OK Expand User Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, and then expand System In the right pane, double-click Don’t run specified Windows applications Click Enabled, and then click Show Click Add, […]

Display the Date on the Menubar of Mac OSX

Mac OS X only: If you don’t want to install a whole other piece of software to see today’s date in your menubar, you can add it manually in System Preferences. Step by step:1. In System Preferences, open International and go to the Formats tab.2. Next to Dates, click the Customize button. Arrange your date […]

Spector Pro v6.0