How to watch Youtube videos in high quality on a Blackberry Bold!

When I tried to watch a YouTube video on my Blackberry Bold, it always play in low quality. I tried to log in my YouTube account, but got the Error messages (HTTP Error 404). Is there a way to work around?

Yes, Absolutely! You can play Youtube videos in high quality on your Blackberry phone.


  1. Download and install the application Vuclip from here
  2. Start the application on your Blackberry Bold (it should be in the Download folder)
  3. Allow Browser Invoking when asked (click Yes).
  4. Type Search Query: type in the name of the YouTube video that you want to watch. Vuclip will return a list of results where you can choose a clip to play.
  5. Play Video Options: Play, Play Hi-Res, Preview, Streaming, Hi-Res Streaming.
  6. Open or Save the video.

Solution originally posted by deshmukh on 11/28/2008 at

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