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How to save PDF in Illustrator with full bleeds?

Problem:When I save my Illustrator document as a PDF for Press Printing, the document seems to be cropped to the artboard size and the bleeds are cut off. Is there a way to save PDF and still keep the bleeds? Solution:1. To create crop marks for your Illustrator document, in Illustrator create a rectangular that […]

Watch live TV on my Blackberry!

Using Orb! How it works: 1. Download and install Orb on your home PC. You must have a broadband Internet connection for your home PC. 3. Enjoying your media: When you have Orb running on your home PC: by login at you can stream your music, video, pictures… to any computers, smartphones (Iphone, […]

Listen to radio on my Blackberry Bold

Using Moodio! Moodio brings web radio to your mobile phone. It allows you to listen to any live audiostream on your mobile phone using your phone’s own internal media player. No additional mobile software is required. By simply adding your favourite radio stations to your personal “My Stations” list, you are making them available […]

Modifying the WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Font Size

Problem:The active tags in the Tag Cloud of WordPress blog (self-hosted) has a font size that is so large (in my case, it is 22px) that it looks like a mistake. Is it possible to reduce its font size? Solution:Using WordPress widgets for your sidebar really makes things easy on programmers and especially on users. […]

LiveMesh vs. Mobile Me

If you need to synchronise files between multiple machines but don’t fancy shelling out $99 per year for Apple’s MobileMe, Microsoft has an alternative: Live Mesh. Currently in beta, the software gives you 5GB of online storage that you can use with multiple PCs, Macs and mobile phones. First things first: Live Mesh is no […]

Problem: NextGen Gallery slideshow not displayed!

Problem: I have installed NextGen Gallery and I have been able to display galleries. However, when I tried the slideshow, nothing appeared on the page. Solution: 1. Download imagerotator package from the link provided in Gallery/Options/Slideshow in the Dashboard. 2. Upload the content of the downloaded folder imagerotator into wp-content/uploads. Remember all the files should […]

How to remove RSS feeds and Meta widgets from Thematic (WordPress theme)

Question:I just started using the Thematic theme for WordPress and was wondering – is it possible to remove the “RSS Feeds” and “Meta” widgets from the theme? Answer:You need to select the secondary asides widget, click Show, and then add at least one widget to it (if you don’t want any widgets there add an […]

How do I configure my Balckberry Bold to choose to use WiFi over 3G when both available?

Question:If both 3G and WiFi available, how do I configure my Balckberry Bold to choose to use WiFi first? Solution:Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Browser and choose the option Default browser configuration: Hotspot Browser. Notes: Make sure you closed the browser before you made the change. Check the Wi-Fi icon at the top […]

Problem with Live Mesh in Mac OSX 10.5.6

Problem:When signing in Live Mesh in Mac OSX 10.5.6, I get the error: “The LiveMeshAgent quit unexpectedly”. Or it doesn’t give the error but not letting me sign in either. Solution:1. Quit Live Mesh.2. Make your Finder display all hidden files by type a couple of commands in Terminal. Learn how to do it here.3. […]

Show or hide hidden files in Finder of Mac OSX

In Terminal, type these commands: To show: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder To hide: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE killall Finder Solution originally posted by Brooks on March 23, 2007 at