Listen to radio on my Blackberry Bold

Using Moodio!

Moodio brings web radio to your mobile phone.
It allows you to listen to any live audiostream on your mobile phone using your phone’s own internal media player.
No additional mobile software is required. By simply adding your favourite radio stations to your personal “My Stations” list, you are making them available on your mobile.

Moodio gives you the freedom to enjoy any internet radio stream anywhere you go.
In high-quality stereo on nearly any phone with an internet connection! See for yourself and sign up. It’s free!

Using Moodio is very simple:

1. Create an account.
2. Add your favourite radio stations to your “My Stations” list.
3. Browse to on your mobile phone, log in and pick the radio station from your list that matches your mood. Try it now, it’s free. Enjoy!

Listening to Moodio means you will be downloading a lot of (audio) data. If you don’t have a “flat fee” or “unlimited download” subscription with your mobile operator, this can become very expensive!

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