Watch live TV on my Blackberry!

Using Orb!

How it works:

1. Download and install Orb on your home PC.

You must have a broadband Internet connection for your home PC.

3. Enjoying your media:
When you have Orb running on your home PC: by login at you can stream your music, video, pictures… to any computers, smartphones (Iphone, Blackberry…) anywhere as long as you have internet access.

3. On your mobile devive:
For mobile connectivity, 3G (UMTS or EV-DO) or Wi-Fi work the best, but as we discovered, a 2G GPRS connection works as well. You should have a generous data service plan for your mobile device for Orb.

Using the Internet browser software, you logon to your Orb account at Your requests for photos, music, and TV will be redirected to your own home PC. The Orb software on the PC will transmit everything to your mobile device by streaming it, so you don’t have to wait for sizeable downloads to finish before you can see or hear the media you requested.

4. Sharing your media:
Your friends receive an email: with their Orb FREE account, they are the only ones to see what you shared with them! Your home PC becomes a server, your media is streamed from your PC: safe, secure! No more big file attachments hassles!

5. Watch your home TV on a mobile device:
You need to install a TV tuner on your PC. The Orb system compresses the TV signal and redirects it from your home PC to the Internet, where you pick it up on your mobile device. At the moment, Orb works with a handful of TV tuner products from vendors like Hauppage, ATI, and TiVo. In addition to watching TV, you can also record TV programs. The recorder programs are stored on your home PC’s hard disk.

Don’t expect too much from the video quality: the screen is small, the video feed is heavily compressed, and the picture tends to be mosaic. Music and photos, however, were perfect.

Set streaming speed: on your smartphone, go to, scroll down to Settings. Set it to USE SPEED TEST and check HIGH SPEED TEST. Save & Exit.

Next click NEW SPEED TEST. When the test is concluded, depending on how good your connection is, you may see results as low as 56K or as high as 1700K. If you’re getting a speed under 100, I suggest you find a different location but whatever your current result is, that’s what we’re going to use. If you move to another location, then do a NEW SPEED TEST again to reset your speed.

For better streaming speed: MANUALLY CLEAR YOUR CACHE by clicking the “Clear Cache” button. Your cache should go to 0.

Also, go to Browser/Options/General Properties and set Image Quality to High (Slower).

Solutions originally posted at: on 2 May 2006 by Avec Mobile
and on 01-09-2007 by jazmaan

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