How to save PDF in Illustrator with full bleeds?

When I save my Illustrator document as a PDF for Press Printing, the document seems to be cropped to the artboard size and the bleeds are cut off. Is there a way to save PDF and still keep the bleeds?

1. To create crop marks for your Illustrator document, in Illustrator create a rectangular that has the size of the document when cropped. Select this rectangular, go to Objects/Crop Area/Make. The artboard should fit to this cropped size as well, so that the bleed is outside of the artboard.

2. Save PDF: choose Press Printing, check at the option Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities (this is important, make sure you select this option!) Then go to Marks and Bleeds (from the left side menu bar), check at the option Trim Marks.

That’s it! You’re good to go. Remember you won’t be able to see the bleeds if you open the PDF with Acrobat. You can only see them if you open the PDF in Illustrator.

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