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Use SnapZ Pro X with your Virtual PC on MAC: it’s possible!

I’ve just figured out that I could use Snapz Pro X to capture video of my activities on screen in the Virtual PC environment (Windows XP) on my Macbook Pro. (It’s the virtual PC created with VMWare Fusion.) It is just easy as you use it in the MAC environment, just call it with the […]

Problem: VMware frozen in the “Windows shutting down” screen (OS X)

Problem:I am running VMware version 2.0.2 and Windows XP on Mac OS 10.5.6. Today, a problem has developed in which the program is frozen in the “Windows is shutting down” screen. This screen is what comes up after I close Fusion and restart it, as well as after I power off and on my MacBook […]

WP-Stats plugin for WordPress blog: how to allow non-admin users to view the stats in their own dashboards?

Edit stats.php (in Plugins folder) by replacing all manage_options by level_2 There should be two changes:!current_user_can( ‘level_2‘ ) $hook = add_submenu_page(‘index.php’, __(‘Blog Stats’), __(‘Blog Stats’), ‘level_2‘, ‘stats’, ‘stats_reports_page’); According to the codex, “level_2” is the old level-based access control mechanism. Level 2 should give access to Authors (and above).

How to divide your WordPress blog into two or more different main pages.

Question:I have a self-hosted WordPress blog. How do I divide my blog into two different main pages for posts that belong to two different contents? Answer: First thing to do is to create two main categories for your post: category A and category B. (You can create sub-categories that belong to these two main categories.) […]

Enable SSH on my Dreamhost account.

SSH, or Secure SHell, is a secure alternative to telnet. SSH can be used to securely copy files, access CVS, cron jobs and other DreamHost services via standard unix command line also known as shell. All SSH traffic travels over a secured connection rather than in the plain text like in telnet. It is strongly […]

How to create a custom PHP.ini for my Dreamhost hosting account?

Question: How do I create a custom PHP.ini for my Dreamhost hosting account? I need to modify the maximum upload file size allowed. Answer:Here are the steps to create a custom php.ini for a Single domain: First of all, make sure you are able to log into SSH on your Dreamhost account (see detailed instruction […]

Unable to upload files larger than 2MB to Media Library in self-hosted WordPress blog!

Problem:I can’t upload any files that are larger than 2MB to the Media Library of my self-hosted WordPress blog. What’s going on? I have a hosting account with Dreamhost.Answer:The upload limits are enforced by the hosting provider’s PHP / webserver configuration and not by WordPress blog. Solution 1:The hosting provider’s administrator can change the upload_max_filesize […]

OSX: Unable to enter password in Terminal (in order to use Macports)

Problem:I’m trying to install an application via Macports in Terminal (using the command sudo port program_name). Terminal asks for my OSX admin password but doesn’t allow me to enter anything. The cursor is not blinking, it doesn’t respond to any key on the keyboard except for the Enter key, which then leads to the error […]

Streaming (video, audio) via 3G not working on Blackberry Bold?

Problem:My Blackberry Bold is able to play streaming video and audio via WiFi connection, but gives error when connected to the Internet via 3G network (WAP loading, then error). The problem happens with sites like,, or Is it possible to have streaming via 3G on the Bold? Solution:1. Close the Internet Browser […]

Embed FLV videos in self-hosting Wordress blog using WP-FLV plugin.

If you have your blog installed from the One-click installations of DreamHost, this plugin has already been installed and activated automatically. If you use another hosting company, you will need to download and install the plugin yourself. Upload your FLV file by FTP, or by Add media files in New Post editor. Write down the […]