Embed FLV videos in self-hosting Wordress blog using WP-FLV plugin.

If you have your blog installed from the One-click installations of DreamHost, this plugin has already been installed and activated automatically. If you use another hosting company, you will need to download and install the plugin yourself.

Upload your FLV file by FTP, or by Add media files in New Post editor. Write down the web URL of the file.

Create a new post, switch the editor from Visual to HTML, you will see a FLV button. Click on the button, and insert the URL of the FLV file, enter the window size (width and height), and you’re done!

Alternately you can use the tag:

Modify the width, height, and autostart values (false/true) to suit your needs.

Preview the post, and publish it.

Note: to convert a video file to FLV, you can use the DreamHost tool dedicated for this task. Login to DreamHost panel, Main Menu/Goodies/FlashMedia/AVI / MOV / MPEG / MPG to FLV Converter.

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