Enable SSH on my Dreamhost account.

SSH, or Secure SHell, is a secure alternative to telnet. SSH can be used to securely copy files, access CVS, cron jobs and other DreamHost services via standard unix command line also known as shell. All SSH traffic travels over a secured connection rather than in the plain text like in telnet. It is strongly recommended that you use SSH rather than telnet.

Note: Before being able to log into SSH, one must enable SSH on that account. It’s a fairly easy process that’s detailed here.

Enabling/Disabling shell access for an existing user:
1. Visit the (USERS > MANAGE USERS) page of the Dreamhost account’s control panel.
2. Click the [ edit ] link located next to the user you’d like to enable shell access for.
3. Check the ‘Enable ssh/telnet?’ box for that user.
4. Leave the ‘Type’ as it is unless you need it to be something other than bash.
5. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the change.

Keep in mind that it takes about 20 minutes for this change to take effect.

Note: Shell access also provides SFTP access to this account. Unless the “disable FTP” option is checked it also provides FTP access to this account.

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