OSX: Unable to enter password in Terminal (in order to use Macports)

I’m trying to install an application via Macports in Terminal (using the command sudo port program_name). Terminal asks for my OSX admin password but doesn’t allow me to enter anything. The cursor is not blinking, it doesn’t respond to any key on the keyboard except for the Enter key, which then leads to the error message “Sorry, try again!” It drove me nuts! Help, please!

Ahh yes I see where this is confusing – you see, the Terminal doesn’t show *any* feedback of any type when you type in your password – Meaning that it will still look like this no matter what:

Don’t worry, this is normal – just type it in anyway and hit enter. That should work.

Original solution was posted on Jul 2, 2005 by iindigo at http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=135669

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