Streaming (video, audio) via 3G not working on Blackberry Bold?

My Blackberry Bold is able to play streaming video and audio via WiFi connection, but gives error when connected to the Internet via 3G network (WAP loading, then error). The problem happens with sites like,, or Is it possible to have streaming via 3G on the Bold?

1. Close the Internet Browser on the Bold (go to Menu, choose Close).

2. Options/Advanced Options/TCP:
The following settings are for Rogers 3G network only, you may obtain similar settings from your own carrier.
Username: wapuser1
Password: wap

3. Options/Advanced Options/Service Book:
Delete the following items:
Wi-Fi TCP/IP Browser [BrowserConfig]
Wi-Fi TCP/IP Transport [WPTCP]
Rogers MMS [WAP]
Rogers Do More [BrowserConfig]
WAP BrowserConfig [BrowserConfig]
WAP2 Transport [WPTCP]
WAP Push Config [WAPPushConfig]

I’m not sure if it is necessary to delete all of these items, but try for yourself and see what works on your phone. For me, when deleted all these items, streaming via 3G works again.

4. Try the streaming over 3G network now. When WAP is opened, it should start Loading then Buffering, then play. If not working, don’t restart your phone, try the streaming over WiFi first, then turn off WiFi and try the 3G network again with the same video. It should work.

5. Important note: when the phone is restarted (by taking off the battery and reinsert it in), the deleted items will be back, and you will need to delete them again.

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