Use SnapZ Pro X with your Virtual PC on MAC: it’s possible!

I’ve just figured out that I could use Snapz Pro X to capture video of my activities on screen in the Virtual PC environment (Windows XP) on my Macbook Pro. (It’s the virtual PC created with VMWare Fusion.) It is just easy as you use it in the MAC environment, just call it with the shortcut, for me it’s Ctrl + Shift + 3, and SnapZ Pro X will work in your Virtual PC environment just as it is on the MAC. This surprised me because the Virtual Windows is out of Unity mode, and on its own full screen!

I’m quite happy about this discovery, because I had wanted to record a tutorial on how to edit a home video in Windows XP for my Dad for quite some time now, and I didn’t do it yet just because I thought that I had to find the application SnagIt (an equivalent to SnapZ Pro X, but for Windows) and install it into my desktop PC. And I was lazy!

But now, there is no more excuse because I certainly can use SnapZ Pro X on my Virtual PC! That’s it, folks!

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