Error when attempted to import Blogger to WordPress

Problem: Error when attempted to import Blogger to WordPress. In WordPress, go to Tools/Import/Blogger, logged in with my Google account, and I got the error:

The page you are trying to access cannot be shown. Another website demanded access to your google-account but sent an erroneous formulated question. Please contact the website you tried using when you got this message to alert them of this error. The website “” hasn’t been registered.”

Solution: (this is a temporary solution only)

1. In Blogger, go to your Settings > Basic > Blog Tools > Export Blog.

2. Click on Download Blog. It’ll save as an .xml file.

3. Go to and find the .xml file and click Convert. It’ll save as a WordPress.xml file (wordpress-wxr.xml).

4. In WordPress, go to Tools > Import > WordPress.

5. Click Upload File and Import the file wordpress-wxr.xml.


Solution originally posted by megansoandso on May 3, 2009 at

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