WordPress for Blackberry

At the moment there is no WordPress for Blackberry app. like the WordPress for iphone app yet!

But here are a few other options for you to blog on your Blackberry:
1. Blackberry browser will log into your WordPress Admin panel via http://m.wordpress.com and let you do posting and view stats within the admin panel. (This is for WordPress.com blogs only)
2. Wphone is a WordPress Plugin that creates a BlackBerry friendly WordPress admin panel. Allowing your to blog with your BlackBerry. *not fully supported anymore though updated last month (3/09) (This is for self-hosted WordPress blogs only)
3. Imoblife has a BlackBerry Application that allows you to update your WordPress blog. It supports more than one blog. This is a premium BlackBerry Application and it costs 17.99
4. Mo Snaps is a BlackBerry WordPress Application that allows you to upload photos and images directly to your WordPress Blog (and other networks as well).

* Special note: WordPress Mobile Edition is a Blackberry friendly WordPress plugin that shows an interface designed for a mobile device when visitors come to your WordPress site on a mobile device. It doesn’t create a mobile admin interface however. (This is for self-hosted WordPress blogs only)

Original solutions posted by Her Media on 08 Apr 2009 at http://her-media.com/2009/04/blackberry-and-wordpress/


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    Nice info, usefull for me.. thanks a lot…. 🙂

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