Error when composing MMS on Blackberry


When attempted to compose and send a MMS on my Blackberry Bold, I got the error “No MMS Service record found.You can only save to draft.”


You need to get your provider’s service books resent. Here’s some ways to try to get them:

  1. Go to (Tools/Settings –>) Options –> Advanced Options –> Host Routing Table, click the Menu Button and select Register Now. This should induce the provider to resend your service books. Wait for an email with the subject Registration to arrive, then go to Options –> Advanced Options –> Service Books and see if you have a service books with[MMS] at the end. If you do, you should be set.
  2. Log into your Provider’s BIS site, click Service Books in the left column, then click the Send Service Books button. Again, check for the [MMS] service book.
  3. Call your provider and ask them if you have MMS service, and if you do ask them to resend their service books.

Note: Rogers (and other carriers too) has a file size limit of 300kb for MMS, so your media file (photo, video, audio…) should not be exceeding this size limit.

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