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A Good Comment That Makes My Day!

“Hi Gnocchi – I hope all is well and you’re keeping busy. I just had to let you know that our new website is pulling in some much better leads than our old websites. We recently closed a nice sized client in Cambridge who needs a lot of projects done and ongoing support – they […]

HTML ASCII Reference

The ASCII character-set is used to send information between computers on the Internet. The ASCII Character Set ASCII stands for the “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”.  It was designed in the early 60’s, as a standard character-set for computers and hardware devices like teleprinters and tapedrives. ASCII is a 7-bit character set containing 128 […]

Reserved Characters in HTML (HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference)

Some characters are reserved in HTML and XHTML. For example, you cannot use the greater than or less than signs within your text because the browser could mistake them for markup. HTML and XHTML processors must support the five special characters listed in the table below: Character Entity Number Entity Name Description “ “ " […]

Dreamweaver: How to lock editable region in child template?

Question: I have a template, Template_Parent, with 2 editable regions; say Region 1 and Region 2. I then make a nested template, Template_Child and I want the pages that will be made from this template to be able ONLY Region 1. How do I edit region2 in the Template_Child and then lock it so the pages made from […]

Fixed size pop-up window

Pop up window, using target=”_blank”: <a href=”image.jpg” target=”_blank”><img src=”image_thumb.jpg”></a> Fixed size pop up window (not resizable, and no scrollbars), using onclick=” <a href=”image.jpg” onclick=”, ‘_blank’, ‘width=400, height=600, left=300, top=100’); return false;”><img src=”image_thumb.jpg”></a> Fixed size pop up window, resizable with scrollbars, using onclick=” <a href=”image.jpg” onclick=”, ‘_blank’, ‘width=400, height=600, left=300, top=100, scrollbars, resizable‘); return false;”><img src=”image_thumb.jpg”></a>

CSS layout: replace tables with lists.

Example 1: use list to create navigation bar. #nav { margin: 0 auto; width: 100%; height: 60px; background-color:#a2d39c; } #nav ul { margin:0 auto; width: 1000px; overflow:hidden; } #nav li { float: left; display: block; list-style:none; } #nav a { text-decoration:none; } Example 1: use list to create columns and rows. #div_cols_rows { margin:0 auto; […]

Meta Tag Generator

The use of meta tags in web pages are often required by search engines as a source of information to help them to decide how to list and rank your website. Meta Tags are not always required, but as a rule of thumb, it makes more sense to take advantage of them than to leave […]

HTML <!DOCTYPE> Declaration

HTML <!DOCTYPE> Declaration Example An HTML document with a doctype of XHTML 1.0 Transitional: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”&gt; <html> <head> <title>Title of the document</title> </head> <body> The content of the document…… </body> </html> Definition and Usage The doctype declaration should be the very first thing in an HTML document, before the <html> […]