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The ASCII character-set is used to send information between computers on the Internet.

The ASCII Character Set

ASCII stands for the “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”.  It was designed in the early 60’s, as a standard character-set for computers and hardware devices like teleprinters and tapedrives.

ASCII is a 7-bit character set containing 128 characters.

It contains the numbers from 0-9, the uppercase and lowercase English letters from A to Z, and some special characters.

The character-sets used in modern computers, HTML, and Internet are all based on ASCII.

The following table lists the 128 ASCII characters and their equivalent HTML entity codes.

ASCII Printable Characters

ASCII Character HTML Entity Code Description
! ! exclamation mark
" quotation mark
# # number sign
$ $ dollar sign
% % percent sign
& & ampersand
' apostrophe
( ( left parenthesis
) ) right parenthesis
* * asterisk
+ + plus sign
, , comma
- hyphen
. . period
/ / slash
0 0 digit 0
1 1 digit 1
2 2 digit 2
3 3 digit 3
4 4 digit 4
5 5 digit 5
6 6 digit 6
7 7 digit 7
8 8 digit 8
9 9 digit 9
: : colon
; ; semicolon
< < less-than
= = equals-to
> > greater-than
? ? question mark
@ @ at sign
A A uppercase A
B B uppercase B
C C uppercase C
D D uppercase D
E E uppercase E
F F uppercase F
G G uppercase G
H H uppercase H
I I uppercase I
J J uppercase J
K K uppercase K
L L uppercase L
M M uppercase M
N N uppercase N
O O uppercase O
P P uppercase P
Q Q uppercase Q
R R uppercase R
S S uppercase S
T T uppercase T
U U uppercase U
V V uppercase V
W W uppercase W
X X uppercase X
Y Y uppercase Y
Z Z uppercase Z
[ [ left square bracket
\ \ backslash
] ] right square bracket
^ ^ caret
_ _ underscore
` ` grave accent
a a lowercase a
b b lowercase b
c c lowercase c
d d lowercase d
e e lowercase e
f f lowercase f
g g lowercase g
h h lowercase h
i i lowercase i
j j lowercase j
k k lowercase k
l l lowercase l
m m lowercase m
n n lowercase n
o o lowercase o
p p lowercase p
q q lowercase q
r r lowercase r
s s lowercase s
t t lowercase t
u u lowercase u
v v lowercase v
w w lowercase w
x x lowercase x
y y lowercase y
z z lowercase z
{ { left curly brace
| | vertical bar
} } right curly brace
~ ~ tilde

ASCII Device Control Characters

The ASCII device control characters were originally designed to control hardware devices.

Control characters have nothing to do inside an HTML document.

ASCII Character HTML Entity Code Description
NUL null character
SOH &#1; start of header
STX &#2; start of text
ETX &#3; end of text
EOT &#4; end of transmission
ENQ &#5; enquiry
ACK &#6; acknowledge
BEL &#7; bell (ring)
BS &#8; backspace
HT horizontal tab
LF line feed
VT &#11; vertical tab
FF &#12; form feed
CR carriage return
SO &#14; shift out
SI &#15; shift in
DLE &#16; data link escape
DC1 &#17; device control 1
DC2 &#18; device control 2
DC3 &#19; device control 3
DC4 &#20; device control 4
NAK &#21; negative acknowledge
SYN &#22; synchronize
ETB &#23; end transmission block
CAN &#24; cancel
EM &#25; end of medium
SUB &#26; substitute
ESC &#27; escape
FS &#28; file separator
GS &#29; group separator
RS &#30; record separator
US &#31; unit separator
DEL  delete (rubout)

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