A Good Comment That Makes My Day!

“Hi Gnocchi – I hope all is well and you’re keeping busy.

I just had to let you know that our new website is pulling in some much better leads than our old websites. We recently closed a nice sized client in Cambridge who needs a lot of projects done and ongoing support – they will be one of our larger clients.

A different company in our neighbourhood has been on our mailing list for a few months. Last week they checked out our website and downloaded a report. This morning they contacted us for a meeting.

A few minutes ago we were contacted through the website by the Ontario Real Estate Association!!!! Ontario!

Who knows if we can be of service to them – their requirements may be too much for us to handle but we are ecstatic at even being called – it means the website impressed them!

Thank you thank you for helping us step up our web image!

S. and J.”

A comment like this one is precisely the reason why a web designer like me keep going on designing websites with love – meaning, from scratch, very clean codes and beautiful layouts.

Thanks for making my day!

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