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Problem with line breaks: they break Javascripts. An awesome tool: Remove Line Breaks Online Tool

Use the tool here: Quote: “Use this tool because spending hours manually removing line breaks sucks.” Advertisements

Two nice WordPress plugins: Deactivate Visual Editor and Capability Manager

Deactivate Visual Editor Plugin description: The visual editor is nice when pages and posts are simple, but when you try to add special text such as php code to a page then the visual editor oftentimes has to be deactivated to edit the page. This plug-in allows you to set which posts should not use […]

WordPress database backup: remember to do backup regularly! You never know when disaster happens.

WP-DB-Backup plugin: A really nice plugin, download it here: Plugin description: WP-DB-Backup allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database. The backup can be scheduled on an hourly,daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can even take a manual backup of your WordPress blog […]

WordPress Role and Capabilities Management

Capability: can edit but can’t delete pages can’t see Posts section (completely hidden) only see Pages and Media Library can delete upload files in Media Library (enable Delete posts – this will allow the user to delete the media files that he/she uploaded, but he/she still can’t see the Posts section)

Problem: Java Applet doesn’t load on a WordPress page.

Problem: I tried to embed a Java Applet into my WordPress page. The applet worked perfectly on an HTML page, but when I pasted it into the WordPress page, it didn’t show. What’s wrong? Answer: Make sure there’re no line breaks in your applet code. WordPress adds <p> and <br /> tags automatically, while this […]

Virtual Tour 360: embed Java Applet using IPIX Java Viewer

To download the IPIX Java Viewer: How to embed the code: ================================ The code: Simple Example Code example <APPLET name=”IpixViewer” code=”IpixViewer.class” archive=”IpixViewer.jar” width=”320″ height=”240″> <PARAM NAME=”url” VALUE=”YOURIMAGE.ipx”> <PARAM NAME=”toolbar” VALUE=”on”> <PARAM NAME=”initfov” VALUE=”80″> <PARAM NAME=”spinspeed” VALUE=”0″> <PARAM NAME=”spinstyle” VALUE=”flat”> </APPLET> Full Featured Example Code example <APPLET name=”IpixViewer” code=”IpixViewer.class” archive=”IpixViewer.jar” width=”320″ height=”240″> <PARAM NAME=”url” […]

WordPress tag: get_posts. How to list Posts in one category, with offset?

Usage: <?php get_posts(‘arguments’); ?> Examples: Posts list in one category with offset: If you have your blog configured to show just one post on the front page, but also want to list links to the previous five posts in category ID 1, you can use this: <ul> <?php global $post; $myposts = get_posts(‘numberposts=5&offset=1&category=1’); foreach($myposts as […]

WordPress plugin: Related Posts by Category lists similar posts within any post. Related Posts by Category lists similar posts within any post. Post thumbnail integration (WP 2.9 or older). After installed, just put <?php new RPBC(array(params)) ?> in your single.php template for display a list of similar posts. Example: <ul> <?php if (class_exists(‘RPBC’)) { new RPBC( array( ‘orderby’ => ‘RAND’, ‘order’ => ‘DESC’, ‘limit’ => 5, ‘echo’ => […]

NextGen Custom Fields plugin: display the custom fields outside the gallery template.

When using the NextGen Custom Fields plugin to create custom fields for your NextGen Gallery’s images and galleries, use the tags below to display these custom fields in the gallery template (gallery.php or gallery_yourtemplate.php): For image custom fields, use the following tag: <?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields[“Your Field Name Here”]; ?> For gallery custom fields, use the […]

WordPress: Showing an image in the excerpt – using either the_post_thumbnail( ); or Get The Image plugin

Question: I prefer showing only post excerpts on the home page, but I would like a thumbnail image attached to each excerpt. How to achieve this? Answer: Two solutions: 1. Use the new the_post_thumbnail function in WordPress 2.9 Tutorial: 2. Use Justin Tadlock’s Get The Image plugin. Tutorial: ============================== Important notes for […]