Take Complete Control Of Your WordPress Menu using plugins


The Exclude Pages Plugin

Exclude Pages handles the problem of all your top-level pages being thrown into your navigation. It simply adds a check box to the Edit Page screen that lets you choose not to include the page in user menus. Brilliant.

The Page Menu Editor Plugin

Page Menu Editor adds a new Meta Box to the Edit Page screen letting you choose a new Page Menu Label. What this means is this: you can have a different (usually simpler) title for your menu link than the actual title on the page. This is the number 1 reason why I usually hand code my menus. Again, brilliant.

In addition, Page Menu Editor also lets you add a custom title attribute. Also kind of cool.

The Page Links To Plugin

Page Links To lets you add a link to say, an external non-WordPress forum, or an external non-WordPress photo gallery, by publishing a new blank page like forum, or gallery, and then choosing to link it to another page. Also useful for adding an RSS link to your header without having to code anything.

By Ian Stewart, Mar 2009

Source: http://themeshaper.com/control-wordpress-menu/

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