a:hover background doesn’t work in Safari (but works fine in IE and Firefox)

I didn’t know what the problem was. I had exactly the same CSS for the navigation menu of another site of mine, and it worked perfectly fine in all browsers. Somehow, it didn’t for the site http://hollanderyorkgallery.com/ I searched and searched all over the Internet looking for an answer, a solution. Some said it was something related to display:block; and float:left; but my CSS had all of those. And why did it work on one site of mine, and not on the other? I kicked myself the whole evening – trying to change the code, empty Safari cache, refresh, and no matter how many times I did it, the hover background still didn’t work in Safari, but did work in Firefox and IE.

At the end, I just went to another Mac computer to check, and it worked there!!! So what the hell was going on? I went back to my laptop where it hadn’t worked, tried to reset Safari, empty cache – again, hover background didn’t display! Finally, I reset Safari again, closed the browser, and then re-opened it, and this time it worked! My hover background showed up, in Safari, on my Mac laptop!!!

Well, next time, just be careful with Safari’s cache! Make sure to reset browser, close and re-open it!

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