NextGen Gallery problem: Piclens doesn’t work with one of my galleries!


I’m using NextGen Gallery plugin for my WordPress site. I have a total of more than 60 galleries, all of them are working fine except one! When I click View with Piclens, the Piclens window opens, but I can’t see any images in the gallery. To the best of my knowledge, I created all the galleries the same way, and there was nothing significant different between the images in this gallery and other galleries’. I tried to recreate the gallery, gave it different names, re-upload the image files…etc. Nothing helps! What should I do?


Make sure all the image files of that gallery do not have any of special characters in their names, like:  ‘  ,  &  <  >


Piclens displays images from your Media RSS feed. If for some reasons, the Media RSS feed is broken, Piclens will not display the images. In your case, there are escaped characters in the image files’ names that broke the Media RSS feed. Delete or change those characters will solve the problem.


More info:


Question: What are escaped characters? or: My Media RSS feed doesn’t work and it looks perfectly fine. What’s wrong?


In properly formatted HTML and Media RSS feeds, there are certain characters that must be displayed as code or else they will cause problems. These characters are:

& => &amp;

< => &lt;

> => &gt;

‘ => &apos;

” => &quot;

If you run your Media RSS through feed validator you will see any escaped characters you have not caught. Make sure those pesky devils stay out of your Media RSS!


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  1. dev
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    Get me a solution ….my page is not moving while scrolling the page by keeping the mouse pointer on Next gen gallery

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