NextGen Custom Fields plugin: custom fields disappeared after Save in admin panel

Problem: I installed NextGEN Custom Fields plugin, which allowed me to create custom fields for images and galleries for NextGen Gallery. Everything seemed to work fine until suddenly the Gallery custom fields of one of my galleries disappeared in admin panel after I entered the text into text area and text input fields, and hit Save. These text inputs were still being displayed on the gallery’s page itself, but not shown in the admin panel, thus I couldn’t edit what I had entered. How to make them reappear and to avoid this problem next time?

Answer: Make sure that you didn’t enter several paragraphs (with line breaks) in text area fields. This would break the plugin, and make the gallery fields disappear. In order to make them reappear, you need to unlink the gallery fields to that particular gallery, and then re-link them. You will need to re-enter the text inputs, this time make sure there are no line-breaks. Instead make it all in one paragraphs in the text area field, and use HTML tags <br /> to separate paragraphs.

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