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A Good Comment That Makes My Day!

“Hi Gnocchi – I hope all is well and you’re keeping busy. I just had to let you know that our new website is pulling in some much better leads than our old websites. We recently closed a nice sized client in Cambridge who needs a lot of projects done and ongoing support – they […]

Our website has been redesigned!

My Graphic Friend‘s website – – has been redesigned. There are more samples in the portfolio now, and this blog can be read on the website as well. Soon, there will be a Quick Message, and Sign up for newsletters features.

In My Bed Magazine has launched its Premiere Issue today!

April 21, 2008: My Graphic Friend has been working behind the scene to help In My Bed Magazine with the successful launch of its Premiere Issue today! The issue has been sent out to the list of close to 250 subscribers of the magazine. If you haven’t subcribed yet, go to, sign up and […]

Two of our sites got perfect SEO scores 100% from Whois!

Yes!!! The two newest websites that My Graphic Friend‘s created have been rated the perfect score 100% by Whois Domaintools in all three categories: SEO scores, Title Relevancy, Description Relevancy. The two sites are: score 100% – Whois Source: http://www.goldminelanguage.comSEO score 100% – Whois Source: They are perfect scores! And we’re very […]

We’re having an OPEN OFFICE event today!

Hello everyone! It’s a beautiful morning outside. One of those rare sunny days of this winter. And I’m listening to Leonard Cohen singing his song “Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye”. It’s just beautiful! So don’t just stay at home, get out of the house, go somewhere. And if you can’t think of where […]

New payment method: credit card via email.

We’ve been introducing new payment method to our customers. Payment can be made with credit cards, by clicking on the Pay Now button in the invoice email that we’ve sent to customers. It’s easy, fast and convenient! In order to have this payment method available to our customers, we have to pay for transaction fees. […]

A nice winter day!

It’s a pretty quiet Friday afternoon, so we thought we’d take some pics around the office and share them with you. The sun is setting from My Graphic Friend‘s office window. Have a great weekend everyone! Entertain yourself, and recharge fully for a new week!

My Graphic Friend’s new logo!

We simply love our new logo! It’s clear, simple, friendly, and has a touch of elegance. These are precisely what we’re striving to achieve for every project.

We re-affirm our Mission Statement for the year 2008!

Starting the year 2008, we re-affirm our Mission Statement as follow:          “For art galleries and individual artist in the Greater Toronto Area, My Graphic Friend provides graphic and web designs. Using innovative technologies, we enhance your web presence, with an insider understanding of the art community’s specific needs, and a clear vision of what happens […]

Another site that we created gets top SEO score!

The site is http://www.inmybedmagazine.comThe site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Score is 95 % (by Whois Record at Considering SEO Score itself is 79% (by Whois Record at, the site’s score is very high. It’s just another proof for My Graphic Friend‘s very clean coding.