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Arts 2.0 – Social Media for Artists, Galleries, and Arts Organizations

Here an example of how you can use web 2.0 tools to create a blog post for a gallery: ———————————————————-“Our upcoming show – Leo Dash: Ohio Landscape This limited edition print is one in a carefully edited collection that is available for purchase right on the gallery website. All the works are unframed, and are […]

How can I have good promotional material without breaking the bank?

Question:I have a great act and little money. How can I have good promotional material without breaking the bank? Answer:It is perfectly possible to produce excellent promo material without spending a fortune, as it’s the planning and creativity you put in beforehand, rather than the amount of money you throw at it, that makes the […]

Pink fence – A case of visual cue

About two blocks from My Graphic Friend‘s office, at the end of the road, there’s a rooming house with its ad “ROOM FOR RENT” printed in bright pink. What makes us notice is not just the pink ad, but also the fence around the house that has its tips painted in the same color. What […]

Set up Web Analytics tool for your website.

We’ve been helping our customers to set up Web Analytics on their websites. Web Analytics is a great tool to track and monitor the activities of every individual visitor to your website, web statistics, visitor system information, advertising campaigns, conversion tracking, and graphical statistics. Knowing what your web page statistics are is the key to […]

Hand Coding Is Important!

Today we came across Practical eCommerce’s Tip of the day: “Hand coding, while probably not the most popular option out there, is the best way to ensure that your code is clean and compliant. Visual editors tend to make assumptions when they are automatically writing code, which can lead to code bloat (code that is […]

How did we get our customer’s website top search results?

We created the website for Kohl Gallery of Arts at: and after the first week of launching, the website got right to the very top ranking in Google search, and still does. Type kohl gallery in to the Search box and hit Enter. You’ll get 302,000 results, and there it is, is right […]