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Watching Netflix US title with your Netflix Canada account, for free, and with high quality streaming.

Two things you need to do: Watching Netflix US title with your Netflix Canada account via free VPN to the US: There are paid VPN services (Unblockme, Hidemyass…etc). You usually need to pay $4 – $5 per month for the service, and the streaming quality is good. However, there are free ones that you can […]

Live video (from mobile phone to Qik)

[qik user=”gnocchi” width=”425″ height=”319″]

Error when composing MMS on Blackberry

Error: When attempted to compose and send a MMS on my Blackberry Bold, I got the error “No MMS Service record found.You can only save to draft.” Solution: You need to get your provider’s service books resent. Here’s some ways to try to get them: Go to (Tools/Settings –>) Options –> Advanced Options –> Host […]

Mini Opera – alternative web browser for Blackberry

To install Mini Opera, on your Blackberry browse to download and install the program.

WordPress for Blackberry

At the moment there is no WordPress for Blackberry app. like the WordPress for iphone app yet! But here are a few other options for you to blog on your Blackberry: 1. Blackberry browser will log into your WordPress Admin panel via and let you do posting and view stats within the admin panel. […]

WordPress for iphone

WordPress for iphone: The iPhone application that lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch. With support for both and self-hosted WordPress (2.5.1 or higher), users of all experience levels can get going in seconds. Download it now!

Streaming (video, audio) via 3G not working on Blackberry Bold?

Problem:My Blackberry Bold is able to play streaming video and audio via WiFi connection, but gives error when connected to the Internet via 3G network (WAP loading, then error). The problem happens with sites like,, or Is it possible to have streaming via 3G on the Bold? Solution:1. Close the Internet Browser […]

Watch live TV on my Blackberry!

Using Orb! How it works: 1. Download and install Orb on your home PC. You must have a broadband Internet connection for your home PC. 3. Enjoying your media: When you have Orb running on your home PC: by login at you can stream your music, video, pictures… to any computers, smartphones (Iphone, […]

Listen to radio on my Blackberry Bold

Using Moodio! Moodio brings web radio to your mobile phone. It allows you to listen to any live audiostream on your mobile phone using your phone’s own internal media player. No additional mobile software is required. By simply adding your favourite radio stations to your personal “My Stations” list, you are making them available […]

How do I configure my Balckberry Bold to choose to use WiFi over 3G when both available?

Question:If both 3G and WiFi available, how do I configure my Balckberry Bold to choose to use WiFi first? Solution:Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Browser and choose the option Default browser configuration: Hotspot Browser. Notes: Make sure you closed the browser before you made the change. Check the Wi-Fi icon at the top […]