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NextGen Gallery problem: Piclens doesn’t work with one of my galleries!

Question: I’m using NextGen Gallery plugin for my WordPress site. I have a total of more than 60 galleries, all of them are working fine except one! When I click View with Piclens, the Piclens window opens, but I can’t see any images in the gallery. To the best of my knowledge, I created all […]

Image Uploader problem

FTP problem: can’t see or download more than 1998 files in a single directory

Problem: My directory on the hosting server contains more than 3000 files, and I tried to download the whole content via an FTP program (I use Cyberduck and Filezilla). But I can only see 1998 files, what’s going on? Answer: 05-04-08 05:57 PM –┬áPost#77222 In response to sb1963 Just as you can run different FTP […]