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Google Chrome extension: YouTube downloader tool – Fastesttube!

YouTube downloader tool – Fastesttube!. Advertisements

Remove Duplicate Emails in Apple Mail (OS X) using Mail Scripts

Andreas Amanns Software — Mail Scripts.

CS4 Scanning Fix!!! – TWAIN Scanner’s Don’t show Up! – MacRumors Forums

CS4 Scanning Fix!!! – TWAIN Scanner's Don't show Up! – MacRumors Forums.

Merging Two AVI Files into One File on a Mac « The Lobsters Blog

Merging Two AVI Files into One File on a Mac « The Lobsters Blog.

How do I play avi and srt files together on VLC player? – Subtitles –

How do I play avi and srt files together? For VLC player On a Mac. I loaded the AVI then started then paused the movie then went to Video and select subtitle track and found the subtitle file I wanted to use. Source: how do I play avi and srt files together? – Subtitles – […]

How to upload to server via Mac Finder: Use MacFUSE and Macfusion SSH Mount (By derek June 7, 2009) Need to download and install: MacFUSE and Macfusion

Quickbooks problem: “QuickBooks was unable to back up company file”

Problem: I have Quickbooks Pro 2008 installed in Windows XP. I try to save a backup of my company file on local disk, and got the error message: “QuickBooks was unable to back up company file” again and again. I’m frustrated. Please, how to solve it? Solution: Here’s a solution: do a Windows Update. I […]

How to Assign and Remove Keyboard Shortcuts in Office 2008 for Mac

You can add or change keyboard shortcuts for menu commands in Office 2008 for Mac. This allows you to customize your shortcuts to make Office work more efficiently — or at least the way you want that makes sense to you — on your Mac. Choose View→Customize Toolbars and Menus. The Customize Toolbars and Menus […]

Use SnapZ Pro X with your Virtual PC on MAC: it’s possible!

I’ve just figured out that I could use Snapz Pro X to capture video of my activities on screen in the Virtual PC environment (Windows XP) on my Macbook Pro. (It’s the virtual PC created with VMWare Fusion.) It is just easy as you use it in the MAC environment, just call it with the […]

Problem: VMware frozen in the “Windows shutting down” screen (OS X)

Problem:I am running VMware version 2.0.2 and Windows XP on Mac OS 10.5.6. Today, a problem has developed in which the program is frozen in the “Windows is shutting down” screen. This screen is what comes up after I close Fusion and restart it, as well as after I power off and on my MacBook […]