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Google Chrome extension: YouTube downloader tool – Fastesttube!

YouTube downloader tool – Fastesttube!. Advertisements

Embed .FLV

Download Player: Installation instruction: Setup Wizard: ===================================

Embeding videos: 10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About!

1. View high quality videos Youtube gives you the option to switch to high quality videos for some of the videos, however you can check if a video is available in high quality format by appending ‘&fmt=18′(stereo, 480 x 270 resolution) or ‘&fmt=22′(stereo, 1280 x 720 resolution) for even higher quality. 2. Embed Higher Quality […]

Streaming (video, audio) via 3G not working on Blackberry Bold?

Problem:My Blackberry Bold is able to play streaming video and audio via WiFi connection, but gives error when connected to the Internet via 3G network (WAP loading, then error). The problem happens with sites like,, or Is it possible to have streaming via 3G on the Bold? Solution:1. Close the Internet Browser […]

Watch live TV on my Blackberry!

Using Orb! How it works: 1. Download and install Orb on your home PC. You must have a broadband Internet connection for your home PC. 3. Enjoying your media: When you have Orb running on your home PC: by login at you can stream your music, video, pictures… to any computers, smartphones (Iphone, […]

Listen to radio on my Blackberry Bold

Using Moodio! Moodio brings web radio to your mobile phone. It allows you to listen to any live audiostream on your mobile phone using your phone’s own internal media player. No additional mobile software is required. By simply adding your favourite radio stations to your personal “My Stations” list, you are making them available […]

How to watch Youtube videos in high quality on a Blackberry Bold!

Question:When I tried to watch a YouTube video on my Blackberry Bold, it always play in low quality. I tried to log in my YouTube account, but got the Error messages (HTTP Error 404). Is there a way to work around? Answer:Yes, Absolutely! You can play Youtube videos in high quality on your Blackberry phone. […]

Displaying YouTube videos in high quality on WordPress blog!

Question: When I embeded a YouTube video to my blog post, it doesn’t always play in high quality, and I want it to, what should I do? Answer: To play a YouTube video in high-quality you can add &fmt;=18 to the end of the link to the video’s URL. If the video is available at […]

Download Quicktime movie with Firefox!

Question:How to save Quicktime movies from site like Answer:You can use Firefox to download the movie files:1. Open the movie in a Firefox window.2. Select Tools>Page Info.3. Select the Media tab.4. Choose the movie file, and press the Save As button. Original solution posted by peachesNYC, at: