Dedicated IP hosting – benefits of using a static over shared IP address.

Dedicated IP hosting – benefits of using a static over shared IP address..


Special Characters in HTML

Special Characters in HTML.

Create A Network « WordPress Codex

Create A Network « WordPress Codex.

Domain name redirect: What is a stealth pointer?

What is a stealth pointer? | Using

WordPress Plugins: WP Finance – Manage your financial records directly in your wordpress blog admin panel!

WordPress › WP Finance « WordPress Plugins.

WP Finance allows you to create and manage financial records as well as to give an overview of current financial status. Users can siply add new income or expense lines into your report as well as edit and remove those records. Plugin also provides graphical representation of income and expenses in the chart.

WordPress Plugins: WP Show IDs ( simple, yet elegant ) « WordPress Plugins

WordPress › WP Show IDs ( simple, yet elegant ) « WordPress Plugins.

WordPress › TGN Embed everything « WordPress Plugins

Easily embed YouTube, PDF, Google docs, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Word, VideoReadr, TIFF and more into WordPress 3! For example:

WordPress › TGN Embed everything « WordPress Plugins.

For examples of embed tags:

WordPress plugin: Editorial Calendar – Linning up your writing topic in a calendar.

Note: Need PHP 5 (PHP 4 gives a fatal error.)

PHP 4 problem: “Fatal error: Undefined class name ‘self’ “

Installing plugin  FeedWordpress, no problem with Activating process, but the first Syndication got the error: “Fatal error: Undefined class name ‘self’ in /home/directory_name/wp-content/plugins/FeedWordpress/feedwordpress_file.class.php on line 4”

Turn out it’s PHP 4 problem (my hosting company hasn’t updated the server to PHP5).


Search file feedwordpress_file.class.php for self:: and replace it with $this->

This should make it work on PHP 4.

Solution credits: digitalnature

WordPress plugin: FeedWordPress