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NextGen Custom Fields plugin: display the custom fields outside the gallery template.

When using the NextGen Custom Fields plugin to create custom fields for your NextGen Gallery’s images and galleries, use the tags below to display these custom fields in the gallery template (gallery.php or gallery_yourtemplate.php): For image custom fields, use the following tag: <?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields[“Your Field Name Here”]; ?> For gallery custom fields, use the […]

WordPress: Showing an image in the excerpt – using either the_post_thumbnail( ); or Get The Image plugin

Question: I prefer showing only post excerpts on the home page, but I would like a thumbnail image attached to each excerpt. How to achieve this? Answer: Two solutions: 1. Use the new the_post_thumbnail function in WordPress 2.9 Tutorial: http://www.kremalicious.com/2009/12/wordpress-post-thumbnails/ http://poplicola.com/using-the_post_thumbnail-with-wordpress-2-9/ http://justintadlock.com/archives/2009/11/16/everything-you-need-to-know-about-wordpress-2-9s-post-image-feature 2. Use Justin Tadlock’s Get The Image plugin. Tutorial: http://justintadlock.com/archives/2008/05/27/get-the-image-wordpress-plugin ============================== Important notes for […]

NextGen Custom Fields plugin: custom fields disappeared after Save in admin panel

Problem: I installed NextGEN Custom Fields plugin, which allowed me to create custom fields for images and galleries for NextGen Gallery. Everything seemed to work fine until suddenly the Gallery custom fields of one of my galleries disappeared in admin panel after I entered the text into text area and text input fields, and hit […]

NextGen Gallery problem: Piclens doesn’t work with one of my galleries!

Question: I’m using NextGen Gallery plugin for my WordPress site. I have a total of more than 60 galleries, all of them are working fine except one! When I click View with Piclens, the Piclens window opens, but I can’t see any images in the gallery. To the best of my knowledge, I created all […]

NextGEN Gallery: sorting Gallery and Album – display thumbnails in custom order

To sort Gallery: go to Manage Gallery, click on button Sort Gallery (next to button Save Changes). To sort Album: go to Album, select the Album, drag the Galleries that belong to the Album to change their orders, then click button Update. ====================================== More guide on NextGEn Gallery: http://www.vuthy.com/blog/2008/11/23/guide-to-nextgen-gallery-plugin-album-and-gallery/

NextGen Gallery: Album’s thumbnails linked directly to Gallery page link

Go to NextGen Gallery’s Options in Dashboard, and uncheck the option below: Deactivate gallery page link: The album will not link to a gallery subpage. The gallery is shown on the same page.

NextGEN Gallery: how to display different templates?

http://nextgen-gallery.com/album/ Compact template for albums: [ album id=x template=compact ] ===================== For a slideshow :  Example : http://nextgen-gallery.com/slideshow/ For a album : [album id=x template=extend] or [album id=x template=compact] Example : http://nextgen-gallery.com/album/ For a gallery : [nggallery id=x] Example : http://nextgen-gallery.com/gallery-page/ For a single picture : [singlepic id=x w=width h=height mode=web20|watermark float=left|right] Example : http://nextgen-gallery.com/singlepic/ For a image browser : [imagebrowser id=x] Example : http://nextgen-gallery.com/image-browser/ To […]

Plugin: NextGEN Custom Fields (for NextGEN Gallery)

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery-custom-fields/faq/ Displaying Fields For image custom fields, use the following tag: <?php echo $image->ngg_custom_fields[“Your Field Name Here”]; ?> For gallery custom fields, use the following tag: <?php echo nggcf_get_gallery_field($gallery->ID, “My Gallery Field Name Here”); ?> ============================== Edit PHP file: (for larger text area size…) /wp-content/plugins/ngg-custom-columns/ngg-custom-fields.php ============================== Important note: you need have at least 1 image custom field […]

Custom style sheet and templates for NextGen Gallery (with special instructions for child themes)

NextGen Gallery is a great plugin for your WordPress site’s galleries. But often you would like to customize its look to suit your needs. Here’s how: Create custom template files for NextGen Gallery: Custom templates are PHP files that can be stored in the folder /nggallery/, which you can create inside your theme directory. NextGEN […]

WordPress Plugin: NextGEN Gallery