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Tethering 3G wireless internet from Blackberry Bold to a Macbook Pro via Bluetooth! (on Rogers Wireless)

Steps: Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. On the Blackberry: Set Up Bluetooth–>Select Listen for a device to find me. It should say “Waiting for a connection…” On the Macbook Pro: Run the “Set up Bluetooth Device…” wizard under the Bluetooth icon. On the “Select the services…” dialog, make sure you select “Access the internet […]

Turning Off Ad-Hoc Connections in Windows XP

Question:  What is Ad-Hoc Mode in Wireless Networking? Answer:  On wireless computer networks, ad-hoc mode is a method for wireless devices to directly communicate with each other. Operating in ad-hoc mode allows all wireless devices within range of each other to discover and communicate in peer-to-peer fashion without involving central access points (including those built […]

How to manage your router remotely via web?

Question:“How do I remotely manage my D-link router?” Solution:Remote Management allows the device to be configured through the WAN (Wide Area Network) port from the Internet using a web browser. Step 1: Log into the web based configuration of the D-link router by typing in the IP address of the router (default: in your web […]